Registration related questions-

  • When will registration be available for the August 2012 ʻAha Wahine?
    • Registration will begin June 1, 2012 and will close on August 2012.
  • How do you define kupuna?
    • Kupuna is a category that you can self-identify with.  Its not a precise age thing.  You choose whether you are a kupuna or not
  • How do you define student?
    • Students include those in High School, College, University.  You choose whether you are a student or not.
  • Can I pay for a group of wahine that will be attending from our organization, ‘ohana, etc?
    • Please contact Mehana at ahawahine2012@gmail.com or (808) 392-1861 and she will work with you on processing the payment.
  • If I submitted a presenter application will do I still have to complete a registration form online?
    • Yes, the presenter application is different from the registration form.  We request that each individual completes their own respective registration form.

Other questions-

  • Is it true that only 1000 wahine will be allowed to attend this ‘Aha Wahine?
    • Yes, we can only accommodate the first 1000 wahine that register and pay for attending this ‘Aha Wahine.
  • Will the ‘Aha Wahine be available on video?
    • Yes, some of the presentations will be video taped for archival purposes.  We will be posting updates on this website so please check back with us for more information.
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